Iep4u began with two teachers who wanted to streamline the IEP paperwork process. As one of those teachers, I never dreamed that www.iep4u.com would become so popular, with over a million hits since 2001, hundreds of links, including the State Department of Education, various universities, and Autism Societies from all over the world.

I have now found a company that can now make my dream of streamlining IEP’S even easier. Starting in early 2009 IEP’S templates can be saved securely online with passwords for teachers. For the first time ever, an IEP database can easily be created for each school district by almost any user. Anyone will be able to create IEP forms on the fly with this new online IEP form writer.

I hope this will make a teacher’s life easier because I know how redundant some of the work they have can be. Iep4u.com will help teachers to fill out forms and provide secondary passwords for students and parents to become more involved in the IEP process. Streamlining the IEP process will not only assist individual teachers and students, it will save entire school districts precious money and time. It is our foremost goal that by utilizing all the tools available at their disposal here at IEP4u.com, teachers can finally focus on what they do best, teach.

Dan Baker